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#include <stdlib.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>
#include "../command.h"

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#define MAX_ENVIRV_LEN   256


 if (memory_IsUndef(Op1))
 memcpy (STRINGVALUE(RESULT), s, sLen)
 if (pEo->CmdLineArgument==NULL)
 memcpy (STRINGVALUE(RESULT), pEo->CmdLineArgument, q)


char ** _environ
NODE nItem
char * s
char buffer [MAX_ENVIRV_LEN]
size_t sLen
char ** EnvironmentPointer
long index
char *(* EnvirFunc )(void *, char *, long)
 EnvirFunc = pEo->fpEnvirFunction
END int q
 RESULT = NEWMORTALSTRING(q=strlen(pEo->CmdLineArgument))

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#define MAX_ENVIRV_LEN   256

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if pEo->  CmdLineArgument = NULL  ) 

Definition at line 161 of file environ.c.

References NULL, and RETURN.

if TYPE(Op1 = = VTYPE_LONG  ) 

Definition at line 96 of file environ.c.

References _environ, EnvirFunc, LONGVALUE(), NULL, pEo, RESULT, and RETURN.

if memory_IsUndef(Op1  ) 

Definition at line 90 of file environ.c.

References NULL, RESULT, and RETURN.

Referenced by allocset(), besFUNCTION(), p_b_cclass(), p_b_coll_elem(), regatoi(), and regerror().

pEo->  CmdLineArgument,

s  ,

Referenced by _GetData(), AllocFileName(), AllocUserFunction(), app(), basext_GetArgsF(), besFUNCTION(), buffercollect(), build_GetExeCodeOffset(), build_MagicCode(), build_SaveECode(), build_StringIndex(), cgi_FillSymbolAndFile(), cgi_GetGetParameters(), cgi_GetMultipartParameters(), cgi_GetPostParameters(), cgi_ResizeBuffer(), cgi_ResizeThisBuffer(), CHECK_OPTION(), collect_dirs(), CreateJunction(), dupl(), dynlolib_GetFunctionByName(), ex_IsCommandThis(), ex_Tag(), execute_Convert2String(), execute_CopyCommandTable(), execute_Evaluate(), fork(), GuardThread(), handle_GetHandle(), HitHandler(), if(), lex_StoreCharacter(), main(), match_InitSets(), memory_CopyArray(), memory_DupVar(), modu_UnloadAllModules(), modu_UnloadModule(), printChar(), ReadFileLine(), ReadSocketLine(), scriba_CallArg(), scriba_CallArgEx(), scriba_InheritBinaryProgram(), scriba_NewSbArgs(), scriba_NewSbBytes(), scriba_NewSbString(), scriba_SetVariable(), serconv(), storech(), switch(), unserconv(), and while().

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char** _environ

Definition at line 95 of file stndlone.c.

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Definition at line 88 of file environ.c.

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char buffer[MAX_ENVIRV_LEN]

Definition at line 77 of file environ.c.

Referenced by _State(), execute_Convert2String(), and file_deltree().

EnvirFunc = pEo->fpEnvirFunction

Definition at line 95 of file environ.c.

char*(* EnvirFunc)(void *, char *, long)

Definition at line 81 of file environ.c.

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char** EnvironmentPointer

Definition at line 79 of file environ.c.

long index

Definition at line 80 of file environ.c.

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Definition at line 86 of file environ.c.

NODE nItem

ENVIRON =section misc =title ENVIRON("envsymbol") or ENVIRON(n) =display ENVIRON()

This function returns the value of an environment variable. Environment variables are string values associated to names that are provided by the executing environment for the programs. The executing environment is usually the operating system, but it can also be the Web server in CGI programs that alters the environment variables provided by the surrounding operating system specifying extra values.

This function can be used to get the string of an environment variable in case the program knows the name of the variable or to list all the environment variables one by one.

If the environment variable name is known then the name as a string has to be passed to this function as argument. In this case the return value is the value of the environment variable.

If the program wants to list all the environment variables the argument to the function T<ENVIRON> can be an integer number T<n>. In this case the function returns a string containing the name and the value joined by a T<=> sign of the T<n>-th environment variable. The numbering starts with T<n=0>.

If the argument value is integer and is out of the range of the possible environment variable ordinal numbers (negative or larger or equal to the number of the available environment variables) then the function returns T<undef>.

If the argument to the function is T<undef> then the function also returns the T<undef> value.

Note that ScriptBasic provides an easy way for the embedding applications to redefine the underlying function that returns the environment variable. Thus an embedding application can "fool" a BASIC program providing its own environment variable. For example the Eszter SB Application Engine provides an alternative environment variable reading function and thus BASIC applications can read the environment using the function T<ENVIRON> as if the program was running in a real CGI environment.


The following sample code prints all environment variables:

=verbatim i=0 do e$ = environ(i) if IsDefined(e$) then print e$ print endif i = i + 1 loop while IsDefined(e$) =noverbatim

Definition at line 74 of file environ.c.

Referenced by COMMAND_EXTERNAL(), COMMAND_FUNCTIONARG(), execute_ExecuteFunction(), and hook_CallScribaFunction().


Definition at line 87 of file environ.c.


Definition at line 75 of file environ.c.

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END int q

COMMANDF =section misc =title COMMAND() =display COMMAND()

This function returns the command line arguments of the program in a single string. This does not include the name of the interpreter and the name of the BASIC program, only the arguments that are to be passed to the BASIC program. For example the program started as

=verbatim # scriba test_command.sb arg1 arg2 arg3 =noverbatim

will see T<"arg1 arg2 arg3"> string as the return value of the function T<COMMAND()>.

Definition at line 156 of file environ.c.

Referenced by __InsertImage(), __RemoveImage(), _ex_PopLabel(), _ex_pprint(), _GetData(), alloc_Merge(), besFUNCTION(), besVERSION_NEGOTIATE(), build_Build_r(), c_char_code(), c_char_downcase(), c_char_upcase(), c_code_char(), c_nth(), c_nthcdr(), c_readlist(), cft_ReadTextConfig(), epreproc(), ex_Expression_i(), ex_ExpressionList(), ex_IsCommandCALL(), ex_IsCommandOPEN(), ex_LeftValue(), ex_LeftValueList(), ex_pprint(), ex_Tag(), handle_DestroyHandleArray(), handle_FreeHandle(), handle_GetHandle(), handle_GetPointer(), lex_RemoveComments(), main(), memory_ReleaseVariable(), reader_IncreaseBuffer(), reader_RelateFile(), release_list(), scriba_GetCacheFileName(), and StringClose().

RESULT = NEWMORTALSTRING(q=strlen(pEo->CmdLineArgument))

Definition at line 166 of file environ.c.


Definition at line 131 of file environ.c.

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char* s

Definition at line 77 of file environ.c.

Referenced by __pprint(), _GetParam(), AppInit(), AppStart(), basext_GetArgsF(), build_MagicCode(), build_SaveCCode(), cft_GetConfigFileName(), cgi_FillSymbolAndFile(), cgi_GetGetParameters(), cgi_GetMultipartParameters(), cgi_GetPostParameters(), cgi_ReadHttpRequest(), cgi_ResizeBuffer(), cgi_ResizeThisBuffer(), DeleteFromPath(), DeleteFromPathEx(), doinsert(), DumpTree(), dynlolib_LoadLibrary(), epreproc(), ex_IsSymbolValidLval(), ex_Tag(), execute_Convert2Double(), execute_Convert2Long(), execute_Evaluate(), execute_GetDoubleValue(), execute_GetLongValue(), execute_IsStringInteger(), file_deltree(), file_MakeDirectory(), file_mkdir(), file_remove(), file_rmdir(), findmust(), ftp_report(), FtpProc(), GetExtensionVersion(), HandleHttpHit(), httpd_report(), HttpExtensionProc(), HttpProc(), if(), InstallScriptBasic(), ipreproc_LoadInternalPreprocessor(), lex_ReadInput(), lex_StoreCharacter(), main(), match_parameter(), modu_LoadModule(), modu_Preload(), MyFiles(), MyInput(), pfEnv(), pluscount(), prepare_directory(), reader_IncreaseBuffer(), reader_LoadPreprocessors(), reader_ProcessIncludeFiles(), reader_RelateFile(), ReadFileLine(), ReadSocketLine(), regerror(), scriba_CallArg(), scriba_GetCacheFileName(), scriba_NewSbArgs(), SPrintVarByName(), and SPrintVariable().

size_t sLen

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Definition at line 83 of file environ.c.

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