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3. Installation Instructions

3.8. Trouble shooting installation

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Although installation is quite simple there can be some pitfalls that we and our users have experienced during installing ScriptBasic. To help you we list the possible error.

  • Symptom Some programs do not run, but claim that the binary version was created for a different build of ScriptBasic. Cause and solution There is binary cache file for the programs, which is younger than the source of the basic programs but was created by a previous installation. Delete the content of the cache directory.
  • Symptom Apache (or IIS) claims internal server error when running CGI scripts. Cause and solution There can be several causes. The most probable ones:
    • You forgot to start the program using #! /usr/bin/scriba
    • The basic program is not executable by nobody (or the web daemon user)
    • The code of ScriptBasic `/usr/bin/scriba' is owned by root and is not executable by the user nobody.
    • The configuration file contains invalid data.
    • The file names in the configuration miss the trailing /The Windows NT registry string HKLM\Software\ScriptBasic\config is missing or points to an invalid configuration file.

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