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25. Command reference

25.186. WHILE condition

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Implements the 'while' loop as it is usually done in most basic implementations. The loop starts with the command while and finished with the line containing the keyword wend. The keyword while is followed by an expression and the loop is executes so long as long the expression is evaluated true.

while expression
  commands to repeat

The expression is evaluated when the looping starts and each time the loop is restarted. It means that the code between the while and wend lines may be skipped totally if the expression evaluates to some false value during the first evaluation before the execution starts the loop.

In case some condition makes it necessary to exit the loop from its middle then the command GOTO can be used.

ScriptBasic implements several looping constructs to be compatible with different BASIC language dialects. Some constructs are even totally interchangeable to let programmers with different BASIC experience use the one that fit they the best. See also WHILE, DOUNTIL, DOWHILE, REPEAT, DO and FOR.

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