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The XML extension module is undocumented for the most part. I have not tested it yet and wanted to create a base documentation set from the xml.bas include file and the Gnome libxml2 library documentation.

More to come ... John Spikowski 00:48, 5 December 2007 (PST)


Function: xmlParseFile

xmlDocPtr	xmlParseFile		(const char * filename)

parse an XML file and build a tree. Automatic support for ZLIB/Compress compressed document is provided by default if found at compile-time.
filename:	the filename
Returns:	the resulting document tree if the file was wellformed, NULL otherwise.


Function: xmlNewDoc

xmlDocPtr	xmlNewDoc		(const xmlChar * version)

Creates a new XML document
version:	xmlChar string giving the version of XML "1.0"
Returns:	a new document


Function: xmlFreeDoc

void	xmlFreeDoc			(xmlDocPtr cur)

Free up all the structures used by a document, tree included.
cur:	pointer to the document