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Welcome to the ScriptBasic wiki project.

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Send an e-mail along with your full name to to edit the wiki.

ScriptBasic Documentation Conversion Projects

ScriptBasic User Guide

New Pages

ScriptBasic Configuration File - How to configure the ScriptBasic interpreter and application server.

External Links

  • Source Documentation - (CHM)
  • Development auxiliary files - (CHM)
  • Regression Testing - (CHM)
  • Multi-thread webserver - (CHM)
  • Session and shared variable management - (CHM or ONLINE)
  • Berkeley DB (like ProvideX keyed file system) - (CHM or ONLINE)
  • cURL (multi-protocol internet library) - (CHM or ONLINE)
  • Windows registry and services - (CHM or ONLINE)
  • Example extension module - (CHM)
  • Windows GUI debugger - (CHM)

ScriptBasic Developer Services Available

Is it time to convert that custom legacy application to a desktop GUI or a browser based solution? ScriptBasic is the fastest and most cost effect way to retain your business logic and get more out of your application. The project manager for ScriptBasic is a software developer with 30 years of experience and is available to convert your application or assist you with the task. Contact ScriptBasic Support for more information about this service.

  • Business Basic conversions to ScriptBasic
  • Windows to web applications
  • HTML/OS conversions
  • DOS character based application conversions
  • DOS application life extensions - (run your DOS applications in a client / server environment)
  • Data migration to SQL
  • Interfaces (web services, data capture devices and shipping systems)
  • Custom programming, design and project management

John Spikowski
ScriptBasic Project Manager