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Welcome to the ScriptBasic wiki project.

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Send an e-mail along with your full name to to edit the wiki.

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ScriptBasic User Guide

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ScriptBasic Configuration File - How to configure the ScriptBasic interpreter and application server.

ScriptBasic Developer Services Available

Is it time to convert that custom legacy application to a desktop GUI or a browser based solution? ScriptBasic is the fastest and most cost effect way to retain your business logic and get more out of your application. The project manager for ScriptBasic is a software developer with 30 years of experience and is available to convert your application or assist you with the task. Contact ScriptBasic Support for more information about this service.

John Spikowski
ScriptBasic Project Manager

External Links

Language Development Documentation

Doxygen - ScriptBasic source documented with Doxygen
ScriptBasic Developers Guide - Mirrored HTML based development guide from Peter Verhas's (author) site.