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Title: Roll Call
Post by: Support on December 01, 2007, 10:53:42 am
ScriptBasic Users,

If your currently using ScriptBasic for any of your applications, utilities or hobby projects, please reply to this post. I really need to get an idea of the user base ScriptBasic currently has.

Based on this number of posts made by the forum members, I'm starting to wonder if I'm the only developer using the language.

This is important and please take the time to respond if you want to see ScriptBasic continue to evolve.

This means joining the forum if you haven't done so already.

Projects I'm willing to share what I've learned if there is interest in the language:

ScriptBasic Application Server - setup and application programming

GUI programming with ScriptBasic using the GTK-server extension module

Title: Roll Call
Post by: csisgro on December 01, 2007, 01:37:10 pm
Hi I still actively use this. Mainly for command line (text mode) use. I am interested in learning to use the gtk stuff for gui type work. Took me a long time to find something this comfortable to use on Linux and would regret to see it fade away.
Title: Roll Call
Post by: Support on December 01, 2007, 08:01:41 pm
Quote from: "Stavros"

I have been using and am using scriptbasic for communicating with serial devices and standarizing communication protocols before writing drivers as well as writing complex control algorithms for control centers.

Developing cycle with it is much faster than C.... and since i got computerized with ZX spectrume.. it feels like home.

I think it is the only basic branch . If you have the time dont quit!

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Title: Roll Call
Post by: Support on December 02, 2007, 06:22:03 am
Quote from: "Mark"

Although not a heavy user I do use ScriptBasic some.  BASIC is my "syntax of choice" and I would hate to see ScriptBasic disappear even if not much new development happens anytime soon.

I have a new project coming up and I had not picked a platform yet but I believe ScriptBasic is a good choice and I will probably go that way.  My personal work load does not give me much spare time so being a contributor to the project can't happen as much as it could be fun.

In today's environment just about everybody is "addicted to complexity".  Too many people have grown up thinking Visual Studio is the only way.  Products like ScriptBasic don't get much attention because they don't seem "sexy" enough but in truth their simple elegance is their strength.

Now if you could compile it to run on my MacBook ..... hummmmm ..... very interesting.

Don't give up on it yet.

Thanks for the hard work to get it this far.


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Title: Roll Call
Post by: E.K.Virtanen on December 03, 2007, 11:05:13 am
Off topic but i would love to atleast try sB if i could just make it run with my ubuntu 7.10  :?
Title: Roll Call
Post by: Support on December 03, 2007, 08:31:41 pm

We use an older version of Script basic, to which we added external 'C'
function libraries.  These external function libraries implement commands used by the building automation system (BAS) at the University of Toronto.
(many millions of square feet).

Scriptbasic is used in the control of a large number of building environment systems on campus.  A notable implementation is pressure control within a large atrium being served by 7 supply fans (60,000 CFM each) and 4 return fans(120,000 CFM each).  This implementation can maintain a positive pressure in the building envelope of 0.03" wc.

Scriptbasic has also been extended to communicate with our BACnet server, for the purposes of monitoring third party implementations.  BACnet is the ASHRAE standard for Building Automation and Control networks.

In doing so, we have added certain DB calls to Oracle, but they are application specific, not via ODBC or other standard.


What we also added was a novel use of gcc pre-compiler.

There were no macros, so I created 'C' macros that emit BASIC statements, and then pre-compiled our basic source code using "gcc -E".

The most important reason we chose Scriptbasic, was extensibility and portability.  We chose Basic, because it was typeless, and did not require fixed array sizes.

We can code things like this (unrealistic, but a decent example):
Code: [Select]


DO_EVERY(300) {

 On_status = get("080 AH01 VS1")
 If ( isdefined(On_status)) then
     If (On_status = "OFF" ) then
         PAM("Air handler 1 is off in error")
        supply_temp = get("080 AH01 SPT")
        If ( isdefined(supply_temp)) then
           If (supply_temp > 30 ) then
              PAM("Air handler 1 supply temp is in alarm")


... many more DO_EVERY blocks...


So, our macros enable the code within to be executed every X seconds.
The do-every macros are implemented using arrays.   Since we do not have to
define array sizes, we can have as many as we like, as the macros manage the index.

The use of "is-defined" enables us to know if the "get" function was
successful: the result will be undefined on error.  All errors detected are announced by the basic extension libraries, not the basic code, to improve readability.

The typelessness of basic allows us to use the return of the get as either a string (compare to off) or a number (compare to 30). The also improves readability and use.  We do not need a special function for each return type.

In this example, PAM is the "print alarm message" function,that prints messages all over campus. The name was chosen as it is the same as an operator command.

This is a very BIG and responsible installation. Most programs in our installation are tiny control blocks similar to the above,that were implemented by parsing a report of all existing control blocks using perl, and auto-generating the scriptbasic code.

Scriptbasic was the tool that allowed us to abandon a very old Fortran based command line configured control engine.  We now have approx. 50 scriptbasic programs running on Solaris,that centrally controls the building systems for most of the campus.

I guess scriptbasic is used in the control of perhaps 6 million sq ft, in Canada's largest University.

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Title: Roll Call
Post by: Support on December 03, 2007, 10:47:04 pm
Quote from: "Andrew Kingwell"

I have been and still use Scriba extensively for a suite of cross-platform (Windows and Linux) data collection and billing programmes. These handle multiple telecommunications networks across the UK.

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Title: Roll Call
Post by: Support on December 04, 2007, 02:34:32 am
I thought I would post how I use ScriptBasic to accomplish some of the tasks I have to maintain on a ongoing basis.

I wrote a program that connects to a MLS (real estate) web service  passing SOAP requests, I get a list of photos that have been added or changed in a the last three hour period. The program parses the XML response and generates a 'lftp' script to download the files off the MLS FTP server. This runs as a cron job 8 times a day. It has been rock solid for over a year.

I used Aestiva's HTMLOS Basic like scripting solution for years till I was able to get the ScriptBasic application server going on the site. Converting the HTMLOS applications to SBHTTPD was much easier then anticipated and wish I have done it a long time ago. (not to mention the $800 per URL I save using ScriptBasic)

I have a many small scriba scripts I use on the server to take care of tasks that I have automated. ScriptBasic seems to fit the bill no matter what size task I challenge it with.

Title: Roll Call
Post by: Support on December 04, 2007, 10:35:30 am

I have a stock picking program implemented with ScriptBasic which I run every week. I have made this program freeware and have a user base of perhaps 20, so that's 20 additional users by extension. My ScriptBasic program has been highly maintainable, which allows me to keep up with (unnanounced) changes by my quote server.

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Title: Roll Call
Post by: sc on December 09, 2007, 11:49:14 pm
Looked at it, considering it, but not currently using it in a project.

Title: ScriptBasic is not dead. It is matured.
Post by: verhas on January 06, 2008, 10:15:08 am
I created ScriptBasic started 1997. I developed it further for many years in my free time. During these years I also had some job to do for my living and raising children.

A few years ago ScriptBasic reached a level of development that it had nothing more challenging and interesting issues for me. It is fairly stable as in version 2.0 and has several extension libraries to be usable. I believed it to be well documented, which prove to be false according to users' feedback. At least I still believe that source code and architecture is better documented than average open source projects.

The main stopper for me developing further was the amount of work needed for release management. It took 10 or more days to craft a new release. Perhaps poor development environment, but that is another story. I was seeking for volunteers who would take the burden to craft Linux testing and package compilation. No success. Still there is a source code 2.1 with bug fixes. Anyone wanting to build a new release (rpm, and debian perhaps?)

At my age 40 I decided to stop working for multi national companies and in 2006 I started my own software company. We mainly develop in Java, however at my age I rather focus on design than development. Desing needs my experience and subcontractors employing young and talented programmers in the twenties do great job developing the software. Enormous time is burnt running the business: marketing and administration takes 70% of my time.

To be hones I would have not created ScriptBasic it if I knew Python existed. I do not mean you better opt for Python. We are different: I am NOT a BASIC programmer. Lucky you. If I was a BASIC programmer you would not have ScriptBasic by now. But I did not want to invent a new language. There were so many of them by that time and they are nothing like living being species. Even though some get extinct (FOCAL? APL/1 anyone) the programming languages bloom.

CONCLUSION: I am still here and I like ScriptBasic being used. If there were any serious bug in it I am ready to deliver a patch. Someone has to build the package though. ScriptBasic is not dead as long as I live.

ScriptBasic is not dead. It is matured.
Title: Re: ScriptBasic package
Post by: roblos on January 09, 2008, 03:42:21 am
Hi Peter,

Quote from: "verhas"
...I was seeking for volunteers who would take the burden to craft Linux testing and package compilation. No success. Still there is a source code 2.1 with bug fixes. Anyone wanting to build a new release (rpm, and debian perhaps?)

well Linux is not my field but I'm willing to learn it and help building the package. That would help me having some experience with Linux for my future :)

I'm currently working on the Windows installer and it's just days for it to be ready.

Would you offer your support (I may ask you such question as: what files do I need to include?) when I'm ready to start working on the Linux package?
Title: Re: Roll Call
Post by: Erik on January 08, 2009, 09:45:28 pm
From the University of Toronto again.

We have almost finished porting Scriba to the ATMEL Network Gateway (NGW).  The NGW acts as a building supervisory controller.

This is by using an avr32-linux cross compiler. 

The intent is to distribute control programs to the NGW.
Title: Re: Roll Call
Post by: Support on January 08, 2009, 11:21:25 pm

Thanks for joining the forum and an update from our best 'customer'.  ;)

It would be great if you can keep us in the loop how your progress with ScriptBasic is going. Letting folks know that ScriptBasic is industrial strength and can stand up to critical demands is a feather in Peter's cap.

If you ever have some spare time on your hands and can help out with the project, it would be much appreciated. Peter speaks very highly of you and said your one of the few developers that understands the initial design and the goals of the Basic.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Title: Re: Roll Call
Post by: tbohon on June 12, 2009, 02:25:51 pm
I've written some small 'test' programs in scriba but am now poised to write a complete inventory/POS/invoice system and scriba looks like it's the leading contender.  I've programmed professionally for 43+ years in BASIC, FORTRAN, C, COBOL and another dozen or more languages most people don't even know exist ... and I think scriba has some great potential for my needs.

More to follow ... and, if I ever get any time free (other than the middle of the night when I wake up thinking about a current problem at work, that is) I wouldn't mind helping out a bit.  It's getting that time that's the problem right now.

Title: Re: Roll Call
Post by: Support on June 12, 2009, 05:39:39 pm
Sounds interesting Tom. Please keep us in the loop as you make progress. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.