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Script BASIC Windows 32 bit - Download Available

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--- Quote from: AlyssonR on February 25, 2017, 03:46:58 PM ---I haven't had a chance to do much with the 32-bit install yet (real life intrudes) but it is both blisteringly fast, and a very easy install. I have seen no problems at all with what little I have done.

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Good to hear and at least it's something.

--- Quote ---Given that I am running windows 7 Pro 64-bit on a moderately scaled workstation:

I think that I would only bother with a 64-bit version if it were available for the other operating systems, and if there were some genuine advantage to a 64-bit version - such as speed, extended precision maths, storage etc. Game writers might have more to say about that, though. I'm not sure what advantages might be available with a 64-bit install.

Going forward, I can see backward compatability with 32-bit processors going the way 16-bit support in Windows has been dropped (and woe betide anyone who actually has 8-bit software for a PC  ??? ) - and at that time, I guess a 64-bit version will be necessary.

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I already have a 64 bit version of Script BASIC built. I just don't have it in an Inno install file format.

--- Quote ---While I would like to install a 64-bit version, right now, the 32-bit version of SB is perfectly sufficient. (mind you, all of my development is using 32-bit software - VB6, mainly).

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If it wasn't for Dave Zimmer's work with COM / VB6 with Script BASIC, I probably wouldn't have created the Windows 32 bit Inno install version and kept my focus on Linux.

--- Quote ---My bottom line: I believe that a 64-bit SB install will be necessary at some point, so now is probably a good time to get started - before it becomes the only version acceptable under Windows 11, 12 or whatever. No rush.

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See above.

In which case - yes please!  ;)

I'm going to wait until I can see what the interest level for Script BASIC on Windows is. With Microsoft putting all their efforts into the cloud, Windows may not be the best use of my time.

Ahh .... the new stuff.

Don't worry about that - I think that the less crazy Windows users are still on XP and 7

Mind you, I've just revived an old Win 2k Advanced Server system for use as shared storage (amongst other things) - mainly because I detest configuring Samba.

I released Script BASIC for Windows 32 bit  on Valentines day. No one other than you showed any love. I think I'll focus my efforts on IoT and Linux instead. The problem when there are over 100 variations of BASIC.


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