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Sort of like being in a flight simulator programmed to fail.  ;D

Thanks for the reply, I'll take her up again with a new flight plan this time.

Hi Dave,

I have been working with your Script BASIC debugger and couldn't find a way to add to the syntax highlight list. Is this hard coded in? PRINT isn't being highlighted along with a few others. Your thoughts?

I couldn't find a single step button on the tool bar so I thought I would give the old sdbg F8 key a try and it worked. I don't think the F8 is documented anywhere.

BTW I was able to build the sb_engine.dll with my installation of Visual Studio 2008 on XP. (VirtualBox)

How would I rebuild the IDE/Debugger?


Hi John,

The syntax coloring definitions are in the /dependancies/vb.bin file.

The editor component we use is actually another open source vb6 ocx control
called scivb_lite, which in turn wraps the functionality of the open source
C scintilla dll.

The syntax definitions file is a binary format. You can use the hilight_editor.exe sub project from
scivb repository to modify it.

(Note the editor does not have a browse button for the load file textbox,
but you can drag and drop a file into the path textbox to load it.)

I have not done much work with this area of scivb yet. The original scivb was done by a couple other
authors, I spent about a month reworking it for use in my own projects. The vb.bin
file is one that they had provided.

Scintilla also provides some other features that are not currently enabled in the sb debugger such as
code folding, and indentation guides. (The cold folding for basic syntax is actually purely based on
indentation which is buggy hence disabled)

There is a tool bar button for Single step, it is named Step Into. I have recently updated the readme
to show the hot keys supported:

   - special hot keys:

              ctrl-f - find/replace
              ctrl-g - goto line
              ctrl-z - undo
              ctrl-y - redo

              F2     - set breakpoint (runtime only)
              F5     - go
              F7     - single step
              F8     - step over
              F9     - step out
To rebuild SBDebug.exe, just open test.vbp in the top level directory in VB6. I will probably change this project file
name to sbdebug.vbp in the future now that the exe has a name.

to rebuild the SBDebug_Setup.exe installer package, you use inno setup and the install_script.iss.

There have also been some updates to SBDebug.exe since the last installer was generated. You can always see the
cutting edge progress from the commit log

One other thing that could use a second set of eyes,

The function prototypes that show up when you do something like type mid(
are all taken from the file /dependancies/calltips.txt

I generated this list real quickly from the html, but still have to
review the arguments list for accuracy.

They have to have a () args list and no spaces in the command name for it to work internally
so things like line input have been omitted.

The listing holds internal sb commands as well as prototypes for functions from
extension modules which must be listed below the #modules marker line.

currently I have only added the prototypes for the nt:: module

On it!

Thanks for the reply.


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