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John, 'I found my first ScriptBasic bug after managing the project since 2006.',291.msg1163/topicseen.html#msg1163

It is simply removing the "else" from the code and this way the ParameterArray variables always get NULLified.

    /* If the array is long enough then delete the previous result otherwise
       fake data may remain in it and it may cause trouble. */
    for( i=0 ; i < pLastResult->cArraySize ; i++ ){
      pLastResult->pcbParameterArray = 0;
      pLastResult->ParameterArray = NULL;
I would like to recompile my version for Debian 7 32 bit. What exactly is removed from the commands/string.c file. Have I chosen the correct section of code? Thanks

Hi Ron,

Attached is the string.c with Peter's correction.


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