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ScriptBasic developers and advocates,

I have setup a Cloud9 IDE online development interface for the ScriptBasic project. I currently have the ScriptBasic 2.2 runtime environment working and plan a source code workspace with a Github interface. (stay tuned for announcement)

Here is the runtime project site and you need at least a FREE membership to Cloud9 IDE for access. Leave me a message here with your C9IDE user ID that you would like R/W access and ability to create example programs and test the SB 2.2 pre-release.

FYI - If your only interest is to try ScriptBasic 2.2 and don't want to sign up for Cloud9 IDE, the site gives you instance access to the ScriptBasic IDE to run your scripts without having to join a thing.

Note: only supports SQLite3 and not MySQL.

It looks like Cloud9 IDE isn't as robust as I thought and is more restrictive than developing on a non-rooted Android device .  :-\ I would say it's more tailored for web scripting development than language development.

The option is the best way to try ScriptBasic before downloading a copy for yourself.

CompileOnline is great for when not at home and want to study coding and write code. Thanks so much John!

ScriptBasic 2.2 CentOS 64 bit (Red Hat clone) runs great on If someone is curious if SB can fill their needs, this is a great way to find out.

It's really great to have the versions running on Cloud9 and CompileOnline.

Thanks very much for setting these up, John.


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