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There seems to be some confusion on where the JAPI code was left. I made the assumption that there were two development branches. (AWT and SWING) A Pascal developer wanted to use the japi.dll I created and mentioned that the original version I created looks the same as what I'm calling the SWING version. He was right. I made some compares between the two directories and there is obvious changes to adapt to SWING compared to the AWT directory. (which the 2003 binaries were built from) The first complaint I seem to be getting is that buttons look like W2K style. Not like the examples of other Windows look&feel JAR applications I posted. I would like to solve this Java SWING button issue first and let it be a guide to bringing up to date other components in the JAPI library.

The real mystery is why do I get a SWING style button on Linux but not on Windows?

Mystery solved.

The JAPI.JAR is compiled into the C extension module as a binary string.

That is old unsupported code you're playing with there.   ;)

I did most of the deprecation changes an was moving in a swing direction. It still needs some work but is still a usable cross platform solution. Keep in mind that the current version of Chrome (35) and going forward no longer supports Java. (migrated away from Gtk) Here is a JAPI thread on the forum I did some time ago that may be helpful. Also search the forum for JAPI and you may find a few more posts.

JAPI 2 Examples


--- Quote ---If you search the board you will see that it was I who dug japi up from the past. and posted a 32 bit compile.
--- End quote ---

Where were you when I was begging for help trying to get the SWING version going? See, everything in life comes full circle.  ;D


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