4. s = t::ArrayToXML(Array)

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Call this function to convert an array to a string containing the XML representation of the array. This string can be saved to a file or stored in memory and the function XMLToArray can convert it back to array. Note that arrays and associative arrays are not different in ScriptBasic.

Note that the include file t.bas also defines the Array2XML name to the same function.

Also note that though the name of the function is ArrayToXML you can convert any variable to binary string using this function. However this is most useful when the argumentum is an array.

The generated XML is not really for human reading. It is without any new line characters. Because the strings can be binary they are also encoded with all new line characters to hexa encoded XML character 0A. If you want to prettyprint the output you have to format it. The purpose of this function is to provide a simple XML conversion routine to generate a format that can be processed by other applications.

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