3.3.59. scriba_NewSbArgs()

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Whenever you want to handle the variable values that are returned by the scriba subroutine you have to call @xref{scriba_CallArgEx()}. This function needs the arguments passed in an array of SbDtata type.

This function is a usefuly tool to convert C variables to an array of SbData

pSbData scriba_NewSbArgs(pSbProgram pProgram,
                         char *pszFormat, ...
The arguments passed are

The format string is case insensitive. The characters u, i, r, b and s have meaning. All other characters are ignored. The format characters define the type of the arguments from left to right.


pSbData MyArgs;

MyArgs = scriba_NewSbArgs(pProgram,"i i r s b",13,14,3.14,"string",2,"two character string"); if( MyArgs == NULL )error("memory alloc");


This example passes five arguments to the ScriptBasic subroutine. Note that the last one is only two character string, the rest of the characters are ignored.

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