3.3.57. scriba_CallArg()

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This function can be used to call a function or subroutine with arguments passed by value. Neither the return value of the SUB nor the modified argument variables are not accessible via this function. CallArg is a simple interface to call a ScriptBasic subroutine or function with argument.

int scriba_CallArg(pSbProgram pProgram,
                   unsigned long lEntryNode,
                   char *pszFormat, ...

The format string is case insensitive. The characters u, i, r, b and s have meaning. All other characters are ignored. The format characters define the type of the arguments from left to right.

Note that this SUB calling function is a simple interface and has no access to the modified values of the argument after the call or the return value.

If you need any of the functionalities that are not implemented in this function call a more sophisticated function.


iErrorCode = scriba_CallArg(&MyProgram,lEntry,"i i s d",13,22,"My string.",54.12);

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