3.3.51. scriba_LoadSourceProgram()

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Call this function to load a BASIC program from its source format after optionally checking that there is no available cache file and after executing all required preprocessors. This function calls @xref{scriba_ReadSource()}, @xref{scriba_DoLexicalAnalysis()}, @xref{scriba_DoSyntaxAnalysis()}, @xref{scriba_BuildCode()}, and also releases the memory that was needed only for code building calling @xref{scriba_PurgeReaderMemory()}, @xref{scriba_PurgeLexerMemory()}, @xref{scriba_PurgeSyntaxerMemory()}.

After the successful completion of this program the BASIC program is in the memory in the ready-to-run state.

int scriba_LoadSourceProgram(pSbProgram pProgram
Before calling this function the function @xref{scriba_SetFileName()} should have been called specifying the file name.

The return value is zero (SCRIBA_ERROR_SUCCESS) or the error code returned by the underlying layer that has detected the error.

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