3.3.38. scriba_LoadInternalPreprocessor()

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This function can be used by embedding applications to load an internal preprocessor into the interpereter. Note that preprocessors are usually loaded by the reader module when a preprocess statement is found. However some preprocessors in some variation of the interpreter may be loaded due to configuration or command line option and not because the source requests it.

The preprocessors that are requested to be loaded because the source contains a preprocess line usually implement special language fetures. The preprocessors that are loaded independent of the source because command line option or some other information tells the variation to call this function are usually debuggers, profilers.

(To be honest, by the time I write it there is no any internal preprocessors developed except the test one, but the statement above will become true.)

int scriba_LoadInternalPreprocessor(pSbProgram pProgram,
                            char *ppszPreprocessorName[]
The first argument is the program object. If the program object does not have a preprocessor object the time it is called the preprocessor object is created and initiated.

The second argument is the array of names of the preprocessor as it is present in the configuration file. This is not the name of the DLL/SO file, but rather the symbolic name, which is associated with the file. The final element of the array has to be NULL.

The return value is zero or the error code.

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