3.3.33. scriba_SetEmbedPointer()

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This function should be used to set the embed pointer.

The embed pointer is a pointer that is not used by ScriptBasic itself. This pointer is remembered by ScriptBasic and is passed to call-back functions. Like the standard input, output and environment functions that the embedding application may provide this pointer is also available to external modules implemented in C or other compiled language in DLL or SO files.

The embedder pointer should usually point to the struct of the thread local data. For example the Windows NT IIS variation of ScriptBasic sets this variable to point to the extension control block.

If this pointer is not set ScriptBasic will pass NULL pointer to the extensions and to the call-back function.

void scriba_SetEmbedPointer(pSbProgram pProgram,
                            void *pEmbedder

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