3.3.3. scriba_NewSbData()

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Allocate and return a pointer to the allocated SbData structure.

This structure can be used to store ScriptBasic variable data, long, double or string. This function is called by other functions from this module. Usually the programmer, who embeds ScriptBasic will rarely call this function directly. Rather he/she will use @xref{scriba_NewSbLong()} (as an example) that creates a variable capable holding a long, sets the type to be SBT_LNG and stores initial value.

See also @xref{scriba_NewSbLong()}, @xref{scriba_NewSbDouble()}, @xref{scriba_NewSbUndef()}, @xref{scriba_NewSbString()}, @xref{scriba_NewSbBytes()}, @xref{scriba_DestroySbData()}.

pSbData scriba_NewSbData(pSbProgram pProgram

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