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Find a node starting from the start node lStartNode and searching for the key.

The function returns zero if the key is not found in the configuration information tree pCT or returns the node id of the key. This node can either be an internal node or leaf.

Note that the string key may contain dot characters. In this case the key is searched down in the configuration tree. (You can set the separator character different from the dot character.)

CFT_NODE cft_FindNode(ptConfigTree pCT,
                      CFT_NODE lStartNode,
                      char *key
You need this function when you want to iterate over the sub-keys of a node. You get the node id for the key and then you can call @xref{cft_EnumFirst} to start the loop and then @xref{cft_EnumNext} to iterate the loop over the sub-keys.

If you just want to get the value of a single key you can call the function @xref{cft_GetEx} that uses this function.

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