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When writing real applications you usually want to call this function. This function initializes the tConfigTree structure pointed by pCT, searches for the configuration file and reads it.

When trying to allocate the configuration file the static internal function @xref{GetConfigFileName} is used.

The argument Envir is the registry key under HKLM, eg Software\Myprog\conf under Win32 or the environment variable to look for the configuration file name. The argument pszDefaultFileName is the file name searched on WIN32 in the system directories or the full path to the default configuration file nam eunder UNIX. The argument pszForcedFileName can overrride the file name search or has to be NULL to let the reader search the environment and registry for file name.

int cft_start(ptConfigTree pCT,
              void *(*memory_allocating_function)(size_t, void *),
              void (*memory_releasing_function)(void *, void *),
              void *pMemorySegment,
              char *Envir,
              char *pszDefaultFileName,
              char *pszForcedFileName

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