2.20.5. sym_DeleteSymbol()

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This function should be used to delete a symbol from the symbol table

int sym_DeleteSymbol(
  char *s,                 /* zero terminated string containing the symbol                 */
  SymbolTable hashtable,   /* the symbol table                                             */
  void (*memory_releasing_function)(void *, void *),
  void *pMemorySegment

This function searches the given symbol and if the symbol is found it deletes it from the symbol table. If the symbol was found in the symbol table the return value is zero. If the symbol was not found the return value is 1. This may be interpreted by the caller as an error or as a warning.

Note that this function only deletes the memory that was part of the symbol table. The memory allocated by the caller and handled via the pointer value usually returned by @xref{sym_LookupSymbol()} should be released by the caller.

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