2.16.40. file_tcpconnect

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@c Connect a socket to a server:port

This function tries to connect to the remote port of a remote server. The first argument of the function should be a pointer to SOCKET variable as defined in filesys.h or in the Windows header files. The second argument is a string that contains the name of the remote host, or the IP number of the remote host and the desired port number following the name separated by a colon. For example index.hu:80 tries to connect to the http port of the server index.hu. You can also write to get a connection. The function automatically recognizes IP numbers and host names. The socket is created automatically calling the system function socket.

If the function successfully connected to the remote server the return value is zero. Otherwise the return value is the error code.

int file_tcpconnect(SOCKET *sClient,
                    char *pszRemoteSocket

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