2. Handle CGI input and output

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=abstract Functions that handle web input data for the standalone module running as CGI or ISAPI or Eszter SB Engine variation. =end

The module CGI is implemented as an external module written in the language C. Whenever the programmer wants to write a program using the language ScriptBasic that uses the CGI interface of the web server he or she can use this module. Although this is not a must to use this module for CGI programming it IS a wise choice.

The module comes from the developers of the language interpreter. Most of its code is implemented as C code, executing fast and efficient. In its very first version of the module it already supports such advanced features as file upload in a robust and secure way. It handles cookies, POST and GET operations and will support other interfaces in the future like Apache Module interface or FastCGI in a compatible manner.

The basic programs using the ISAPI interpreter should use the module the same way as CGI versions. In other words if you write a CGI program it should work executed by the ISAPI version of the interpreter without modification. /**

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